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Nic Stinson exposes Vaccine Shedding Concern

April 27, 2021
Nic Stinson has been an activist for the freedoms and rights of people for many years.  Since the begining of the corona virus hoax. Nic Stinson has been exposing the truth behind the scam.  Nic has worked as a registered nurse for twenty two years and currently is still licensed as a nurse in NY.  She also has her bachelor's or nursing and is a certified ordained life coach minister.  She voluntarily left the field of nursing after standing against the CDC and CMS and being falslely labeled in the main stream media once doing so.  She is also an advocate for patient care and patient rights.

You can see the work Nic Stinson is currently doing to show the harm that befalls those that take the new vaccine or those that are in the vicinity of those that take it.  See here:

ic Stinson is also a respected public speaker, published author and deacon minister.  You can contact her at the above site.
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